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Through to our strong and experiences staff and management, we able to provide high quality services to our precious loyal customers

Fabricate Services
Fabricate , Installation of Construction Metal Roof Structure, Roof Truss ,Handrail, Platform, Staircase, Monkey Ladder, Gate, Hoarding, Grating Canopy, Extend Cantilever,Ducting , Floor Deck  & etc. We have completed various kind of steel work in Residential, Commercial, Industrial & others.
Fabrication,  Machining ,Welding of Coagulant tank, Latex tank, Compounding Tank, Cooling Tank, Steam Coil, Oven Insulated Panel, Chain Track, Holder Track, Gas Chamber.
Steel Works
Stainless Steel Racks, Mild Steel Cabinet, Stainless Steel, Trolley, Stainless Steel Products, Water Storage Tank, Stainless Steel table
Equipment recondition/refurbishment


Glove Industries

Compounding Tank/ Latex Tank/Coagulant Tank/Horizontal & Round Brush Machine Boiler Fan Hood/ Cooling Tank/ Steam Coil/ Holder Track/ Gas Chamber & etc.

Metal Roof Structure

Roof Truss / Platform/ Monkey Ladder/Gate/ Hoarding/ Grating Canopy/ Extend Cantilever & etc.

Steel Works

Stainless Steel Racks/ Mild Steel Grille Door/ Skylight Roof /Mild Steel Staircase/ Main Steel Gate / Stainless Steel Table/ Conveyor/ Stainless Steel Ducting/ Wye Joint Duct Fitting/ Floor Deck & etc.

Bo Foong Metal Works was established in 2009 specialize in metal roof structure, roof installation for residential, commercial, industrial and others in whole West malaysia. Through the 10 years, Bo Foong have involvement many Roofing projects around West Malaysia.

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